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Volunteering Hungary


ÖKA was founded in 2002 as an independent NGO with the aim to develop and coordinate all efforts for a better environment for volunteering and to foster community participation in Hungary. In the past 14 years it coordinated many local, national and international projects in the area of volunteer development and training.


ÖKA is well recognised and works with 5 staff members and over 25 volunteers. ÖKA coordinates the Volunteer Centre Network that incorporates regional volunteer Centres from all over the country. Being an umbrella organisation in Hungary ÖKA has nationwide contacts and even though it is a medium size organisation still it is a major player in civil society and volunteer development in Hungary. It has vast cooperation records with NGOs, governmental bodies and the corporate world. Next to its traditional development work and services (www.oka.hu, promotion, advocacy and legislative development of volunteering, volunteer management training pool, Volunteer Centre Network development, inclusion and competence development projects, senior volunteering, Volunteering Award and publishing) ÖKA built up complex corporate volunteer service program in the past years.


ÖKA organised and took part in international exchange programmes directly dealing with senior volunteers.