WEActiveVol | Volunteer Centre
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Volunteer Centre


Volunteer Center was founded in 2000, in Banska Bystrica City, Slovakia. Its mission is to increase human potential, to improve the quality of life through volunteering and so to contribute the building of a civil society. Centre is actively participating in the community life and important actions. It cooperates with Matej Bel University, local municipalities, schools, NGOs as well as businesses. Center has a quality standard mark for management of volunteers.


Main goals are: to motivate people for volunteering; to increase awareness and interest of people in volunteering; to raise the credit of volunteering in the eyes of wide public; to improve the quality of volunteer management within volunteer involving organizations.


Main activities include: Service for Volunteering, Promotion of volunteering, Training and supervision for volunteers and volunteer involving organizations, Annual award ceremony for volunteers through the prize called Heart on a Sleeve, Research in the area of volunteering and youth, Implementation of projects and programmes focused on volunteering.