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Below, there are some inspiring stories of people aged over 50 who are involved in volunteering.


The project partners hope the following success stories about volunteering will inspire those who haven’t been involved in this type of activity yet.



Mr. Ioan Vlas from Romania


Mrs. Marguerite Miro from France


Mr. Pierre Lepetit from France


Mrs. Sidonia from Slovakia


Mrs. Helena from Slovakia


Mr. Anton & Mrs. Anna from Slovakia


Mrs. Elena Rudeniene & Mrs. Irena Vasiliauskaite from Lithuania


Mrs. Aliz Scholzné Hibay from Hungary


Mrs. Vera Hárs from Hungary


Mrs. Katalin Villányi from Hungary


Participants of the „Senior in Action” Project financed under the Government Programme for Social Participation of Senior Citizens for 2014-2020

Mrs. Wiktoria Motyka from Poland


Mrs. Janina Sowa from Poland


Mrs. Małgorzata Mucha from Poland


Mrs. Adela Parypa from Poland


Mr. Edward Jarosz from Poland


Mr. Janusz Grohman from Poland


Mr. Włodzimierz Błachut from Poland


Mrs. Krystyna Staszewska – Pępiak from Poland


Mr. Franciszek Pendolski from Poland


Mrs. Emilia Bielak from Poland


Mrs. Halina Pisarek from Poland


Mrs. Irena Tatara from Poland


Mr. Roman Rogoziński from Poland


Mr. Karol Zarzecki from Poland